There has been an increase in the demand for companies to not only maintain and apply socially acceptable practices in the workplace, but to formalise these practices in the form of an internationally recognised, auditable certification.  SA8000 is one such certification and one which is verifiable through an evidence based process with requirements which apply universally regardless of a company’s size, geographic location or industry sector.

The aim of SA8000 is to provide a standard based on international human rights norms and national labour laws that will protect and empower all personnel within a company’s scope of control and influence, who produce products or provide services for that company, including personnel employed by the company itself, as well as by its suppliers and subcontractors.

Albright China commenced its journey in late 2011 to reach SA8000 accreditation in 2012 not only to formalize its existing ethical practices but to also to make clear to its employees, customers and suppliers alike that ethical practices are the back bone of Albright wherever they may be.

Click on the link below to view Albright China’s Certificate of SA8000 Accreditation:

Certificate of SA8000 Accreditation (English)

Certificate of SA8000 Accreditation (Chinese)