• Dedicated Design Centres
  • 60+ years design experience creating over 100 contactor types
  • CAD System, Rapid Prototyping and Laboratory testing
  • Ability to customise designs and create bespoke products

Designing D.C. Contactors Since 1955…


We have over 60 years’ experience in designing D.C. contactors and emergency disconnects which has provided us with a high level of skill and expertise for creating designs which are innovative and original, including first in field such as our Combined Disconnect Series.

Design Facilities

As one of the few manufacturers of contactors who also design our own products, we continually invest in Design Technology and testing apparatus to remain at the forefront of Contactor Design.  We have:

  • Design Centres established in the UK and Germany to develop and test new contactors and products including battery management systems.
  • CAD system, rapid prototyping and Laboratory testing enabling us to provide 3 dimensional data and physical samples for easy visualisation and assessment.
  • Laboratory facilities situated in the UK and China which feature an extended voltage testing area and testing capability for UL and UL witness testing.


We have an extensive range of established products which we are continually enhancing whilst developing new innovative products to add to our portfolio.  Thus, providing more choice and options to meet your requirements. We offer in excess of 100 types of contactors and emergency disconnect switches suitable for vast array of applications such as forklift trucks, AGVs and bow thrusters and industries such as Materials Handling, Telecom and Marine.



Custom Made Designs

As a result of our immense experience and expertise in design we can offer custom made designs to develop unique solutions for a particular application or conditions.  Our bespoke service can range from variations of existing components or products to new parts or complete contactors.  Working with your specifications we can provide prototypes and perform testing by our in-house laboratory to assure you of an optimised solution to meet your requirements.