Albright consists of Albright International which is the Head Office and incorporates a Manufacturing Facility and Sales Office located in the UK, Albright China which operates as a Manufacturing Facility and Sales Office, Albright Deutschland which comprises a Sales Office and Design Centre located in Germany, Albright France which runs a Sales Office, Albright Japan which operates as a Sales Office and Albright Lithuania which functions as a Manufacturing Facility located in Lithuania.

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Albright International

Albright International is a privately owned company founded in 1946 which has been successfully operated by three family generations.  Commencing with the manufacture of the Albright contactor range in the 1950s, the strong tradition of designing and manufacturing our own products continues to this day.  Albright is proud to be one of only a few contactor companies that wholly designs and manufactures its own product ranges.

Albright International operates from our Head Office at Whitchurch in the South of England, which incorporates a wholly owned manufacturing facility and Sales Office.

Albright China

Albright China was established in January 2008 operating as a manufacturing facility set up to serve our Chinese and Asian region customers.  A Sales office followed in May 2009 to manage sales within China and assist with sales in the wider Asian region.  Albright China is located in Song-Jiang, South East of Shanghai.

Albright China is a fully self sufficient factory designed to replicate operations and standards in the UK to continue to provide the high standards of quality and performance of our products to our customers.

Albright France

Albright France was established in 1999 to support the French market for D.C. contactors. Originally located in Paris, in 2009 Albright France relocated to La Rochelle to a purpose built facility consisting of a Sales office and warehouse.

Serving a range of markets, including fork lift trucks, aerial platforms, marine equipment, electrical vehicle and D.C. charger manufacturers, Albright France offers its customers dedicated support and service as well as providing technical knowledge on D.C. applications.

Albright Germany

Albright Germany was established in March 2009 to maintain and further enhance our market position in Germany.  Albright Germany exclusively manages sales for Germany, Austria and parts of Switzerland from its purpose built facility located in the thriving quarter of “ÜberseeStadt“ in the city of Bremen.

In addition to the Sales office and warehouse, Albright Germany is also home to the Albright Design Centre which incorporates a test laboratory and manufacturing plant for the new Albright business segment of Li-Ion batteries.  The Design Centre is a cooperation facility with Albright International which enables the development of new contactors both for German and Global markets, and for new innovative products including Battery Management Systems.

Albright Japan

Albright Japan was established in 1993 as a Sales Office to serve the strong base of materials handling equipment, golf cart, train and welding equipment manufacturers based in the country.

Albright Japan was initially located at Kawagoe on the outskirts of Tokyo, but relocated in 2009 to larger premises consisting of a Sales Office and warehouse at Shiki, which is closer to downtown Tokyo.

Albright Lithuania

Albright Lithuania was established in October 2008 as an extension of Albright’s manufacturing capability.  Albright Lithuania is located in Klaipeda, the seaport of Lithuania, enabling the easy shipment of goods throughout Europe.

It is a fully self-sufficient, modern factory designed to replicate operations and standards as in the UK and is equipped with the latest product facilities and advanced inspection technology.