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The IT400 is a single pole high current contactor developed for the 1U market and is rated at 400A Continuous.  An extension to our 1U range, it shares the requirements of conforming to a 1U fitment as well as a height that allows it to fit within a 2U constraint.

The IT400 has been designed by Albright for compact Communication Power Systems.  Our 5G solutions have been developed by Albright specifically for the demands of high power and reduced footprint with a 1U profile.  The IT400 is fitted with flying leads and plug and is available in voltages up to 96V DC with auxiliary options and a variety of coil voltages offered.

IT400 Technical Information

InterruptedRating ( Ith )Uninterrupted
Thermal Current Rating - 400A
Intermittent Current Rating:
30% Duty - 730A
40% Duty - 630A
50% Duty - 565A
60% Duty - 515A
70% Duty - 480A
Rated Fault Current Breaking Capacity (Icn) 5ms Time Constant: (In accordance with UL583*)
Blowouts -
No Blowouts -
Rated Fault Current Breaking Capacity (Icn) Resistive Load: (In accordance with UL508*)
Blowouts -
No Blowouts 600A at 60V D.C.
Maximum Recommended Contact Voltages
Blowouts - -
No Blowouts - 60V
Typical Voltage Drop per pole across New Contacts at 0A 60mV

Mechanical Durability > 3,000,000 Cycles
Coil Voltage Available (Us) (Rectifier board required for A.C.) 6 - 240V

IT400 Features

Component Configurations

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