HV500产品为全密封结构设计,额定电流工作值可达500A(配合适尺寸的安装连接)。凭借公司在直流接触器领域逾70年的设计制造经验,HV500产品提供了创新的, 多样化和差异化的设计配置,对于客户在不同领域的应用进行选择,可以提升产品的使用和可靠性能。产品可直接与当前市场现有的接触器兼容匹配。



  • PWM 线圈节能板
  • 辅助开关
  • 磁保持控制
  • 银触点


有关HV500产品的更多信息请查阅我们的Product Page ,HV500产品的应用选型表也可以在 here下载。 您也可以直接联系Albright中国公司,我们很高兴与您讨论产品需求 。

Albright International are pleased to announce that our high voltage range of DC contactors will soon be manufactured in China.  Production will start at the end of December 2023 at the factory located in Shanghai Songjiang district.  The product will provide both excellent quality performance and competitive prices for the region.

The HV500 is suitable for voltages up to 1000V, has a current thermal rating of 500Amp (with suitable sized connections) and full hermetic sealing.  Albright has over 70 years’ experience in the manufacture of DC contactors and has used this knowledge and experience to provide the high voltage products with the innovative, multiple and varied design configurations.  The HV500 is compatible with existing contactors in the marketplace.

Applications include automotive (vehicle and charging), renewable energy (solar, wind turbine, energy storage) and Li-battery packs.

The HV500 has non-polarity sensitive main contacts, and additional options such as:

  • PWM Coil Economizer
  • Auxiliary Switch
  • Magnetic Latching
  • Silver Contact Tips

It also features a patent approved rotatable bracket, giving the end user additional flexibility when mounting.

More information on the HV500 can be found on our Product Page or our HV500 Application Form can be downloaded from here.  Alternatively please contact Albright China directly and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.