Introducing Our New High Voltage Contactor the HV500

Higher Voltage requirements are in a necessity in today’s world and Albright International are pleased to announce that the first of its high voltage range, is now available.

The HV500 is suitable for voltages up to 1000V, has a current thermal rating of 500Amp (with suitable sized connections), full hermetic sealing and is compatible with existing contactors in the marketplace.

Albright has over 65 years’ experience in the manufacture of DC contactors and has used this knowledge and experience to produce an innovative, cost effective solution for higher voltage requirements.

Applications include automotive (vehicle and charging), renewable energy and battery packs.

The HV500 has non-polarity sensitive main contacts, and additional options such as:

  • PWM Coil Economiser
  • Auxiliary Switch
  • Magnetic Latching
  • Silver Contact Tips

It also features a patent approved rotatable bracket, giving the end user additional flexibility when mounting.

More information on the HV500 can be found on our Product Page or our HV500 Application Form can be downloaded from here. Alternatively please contact Albright International directly and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.