Introducing the New Albright Mirror Auxiliary Contact

Albright introduces our new Mirror Auxiliary Contact option, which allows for a failsafe signal for the status of the main contacts in normal running and when in a situation where there is a fault.  The mirror contact function conforms to EN 60947-4-1, Annex F, with the requirement for a suitable design of Auxiliary Contact to be linked with main power contacts.  Further it conforms to EN 60947-5-1, Annex L as a highly reliable method of monitoring the status of the contactor, in conjunction with further aspects of the customers design.

Fitting in the standard position on top of the contactor and offering a more compact size solution to the overall contactor than when fitted with a conventional Auxiliary option; the Mirror Contact can be fitted as part of a supplied specification, as well as retrospectively fitted.  Please note that if retrospectively fitted, the full part number of the contactor it is being fitted to needs to be advised.

It is designed to fit key electric vehicle contactors, of which Albright are proven as longstanding and highly reliable original component designers, and that operate in a safety critical environment.  This includes members of the SW80, SW180, SW190 and SW200 family and derivatives that include the RW80, RW180, RW190 and RW200 family.  The SU80, SU280 and SU190 contactor types are also compatible, along with the RU80 and RU280 Types. 

Further contactor options and Electrical Ratings are available, please enquire with our Technical Department at:

To view the Technical Bulletin which includes the Technical Drawing, please click below:

Technical Bulletin – Mirror Auxiliary Contact