Coronavirus Outbreak

As we face this unprecedented time stemming from the impact of the Coronavirus outbreak, Albright are doing the utmost to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff, minimise the spread of the virus, and to lessen the impact on our business and communities. We want to highlight steps we have undertaken and also to provide assurance that every effort will be taken to minimise any impact that this has on our customers.

Like many businesses, there are a number of risks we may face in the coming weeks – workforce reduction due to infection and any delays in the supply of production parts.

We have established an international COVID-19 response team, which meets every day and are continuously monitoring the development of the situation and have implemented all relevant measures in line with the published advice from Governments, the NHS and Public Health Bodies. We have staff working remotely, made line changes to comply with the social distancing rule, and applied staggered breaks and split teams where possible. Staff are also being monitored with temperature checks.

Production and Purchasing are working closely to maintain the levels of supplies and parts needed for our manufacturing plants. To date, we have experienced no disruption in this, but should there be a shortage of any single production components then this will cause an impact and lead time will increase. We will keep you fully updated.

To enable us to ensure all our customers are served to the best of our ability during these uncertain times we would ask that you communicate any changes to your orders as soon as possible. This may include quantities, delivery dates and additional items.

Whilst we appreciate that we all face many unknowns, we are confident that together, we can work through this global crisis.

We thank you for your continued support.