Albright at IMHX 2019

This year’s IMHX, the premier Materials handling event in the UK, proved to be a success for Albright with a highlight being the opportunity to showcase our new high voltage contactor – the HV500, to the Materials Handling Industry.  Over the 4 days, we enjoyed strong visitor attendance with interest in both our established products and what our new HV500 contactor has to offer.

More details on the HV500 range will be released shortly; a hermetically sealed, adaptable high performing contactor with a capability of up to 500 Amps, 500 Volts with the longstanding legacy of Albrights own design capability.


We look forward to seeing you at IMHX 2021.


Albright IMHX Stand 1Albright IMHX Stand 3Albright IMHX Stand 2