What we do

Did you know?

  • We offer in excess of 100 Types of contactors and emergency disconnect switches with over 10,000 unique part numbers
  • We have been trading for more than 70 years and designing and manufacturing our own contactors for over 60 years

Albright is one of the few companies which Design and Manufacture our own products.  We have been doing this for over 60 years and in this time through hard work and experience we have built a reputation for innovative designs and high standards of manufacture.




We have over 60 years’ experience in designing D.C. contactors and emergency disconnects which has provided us with a high level of skill and expertise for creating designs which are inventive, novel and robust.


Our Design Resources

We continually invest in Design Technology and testing apparatus to remain at the forefront of Contactor Design.  We have:

  • Design Centres established in the UK and Germany to develop and test new contactors and products including battery management systems.
  • CAD system, rapid prototyping and Laboratory testing enabling us to provide 3 dimensional data and physical samples for easy visualisation and assessment.
  • Laboratory facilities situated in the UK and China which feature an extended voltage testing area and testing capability for UL and UL witness testing.



We have an extensive range of established products which we are continually enhancing whilst developing new innovative products to add to our portfolio.  Thus, providing greater choice and options to meet your requirements. We offer in excess of 100 types of contactors and emergency disconnect switches suitable for vast array of applications such as forklift trucks, AGVs and bow thrusters and industries such as Materials Handling, Telecom and Marine.


Bespoke Designs

As a result of our immense experience and expertise in design we can offer custom made designs to develop unique solutions for a particular application or conditions.  Our bespoke service can range from variations of existing components or products to new parts or complete contactors.  Working with your specifications we can provide prototypes and perform testing by our in-house laboratory to assure you of an optimised solution to meet your requirements.



To Build Right First time

Our Manufacturing facilities operate globally to identical Albright processes and standards to ensure the high quality and reliable performance of our contactors.  Each of our factories are run by trained teams whose expertise and competence results in reliable deliveries of products manufactured to the highest standards.  Furthermore, to support our innovative approach and remain at the forefront of contactor technology, Albright has developed progressive production techniques and introduced advanced manufacturing systems to our manufacturing sites in England, China and Lithuania.


Advanced Manufacturing

Our facilities employ the latest technologies to ensure a reliable, high quality product each and every time:

  • Use of CNC machines
  • Vision Inspection System has been introduced to semi-automatic assembly lines – capability to check many external elements of a completed contactor within seconds.
  • Auto test facilities include an in-house designed electrical system to deliver full diagnostics of a contactor under test conditions.
  • Designed and manufactured in-house our own induction brazing system.


Building for the Future

Our continued investment in manufacturing assists us in our drive to build right first time and deliver a repeatable process to our customers which ultimately ensures that Albright continue to deliver high quality, reliable and innovative contactors.