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The Reduced Silver series are suitable for applications where infrequent switching is specified. In such applications the degradation of the tip is minimal and therefore a higher volume of silver is unnecessary.

The RU80 is an economical alternative to the SU80 in applications where switching requirements are Uninterrupted such as with line contactors or telecommunication and power distribution systems. In such applications, contact wear is minimal and the amount of silver in the tip can be selectively reduced.

The RU80 features single pole double breaking main contacts with silver alloy tips, which are weld resistant, hard wearing and have excellent conductivity. Due to the low switching nature of the contactor, servicing requirements are minimal, however spares are available. Mounting can be vertical or horizontal, when vertical the M8 contact studs should point upwards. If the requirement is for downwards orientation we can adjust the contactor to compensate for this.

RU80 技術情報

断続定格(Ith )連続
熱電流定格 - 200A
30% デューティ - 365A
40% デューティ - 315A
50% デューティ - 285A
60% デューティ - 260A
70% デューティ - 240A
定格故障電流遮断容量(Icn)5ms時定数: (UL583 *に準拠)
ブローアウト 800A at 80V D.C.
ブローアウト無し 800A at 48V D.C.
定格故障電流遮断容量(Icn)抵抗負荷: (UL508 *に準拠)
ブローアウト 300A at 96V D.C.
ブローアウト無し 300A at 60V D.C.
ブローアウト 96V 96V
ブローアウト無し 48V 60V
新しい接点での極ごとの一般的な電圧降下150A 40mV

機械的耐久性 > 5,000,000 Cycles
使用可能なコイル電圧(Us)(ACには整流器ボードが必要です) 6 - 240V

RU80 機能

構成 構成

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RU80 Data Sheet

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