Albright D.C. Contactors for AGVs

Albright design and manufacture an extensive range of innovative D.C. Contactors and Emergency Disconnect Switches which are suitable for Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs).  All of our D.C. contactors and Emergency Disconnect Switches are available with a choice of configuration, contact and coil options.



Albright D.C. Contactors for AGVs

Materials Handling (SW88,SW181 & SW200)

Our SW80, SW180 and SW200 series include single pole, single throw configurations, changeover and motor reversing D.C. contactors which are all suitable for automatic guided vehicle (AGV) applications. Albright D.C. contactor types with single pole, single throw configurations include the SW80, SW85, SW90, SW180, SW184, SW185, SW200, SW204, SW208 and the SW210. Motor Reversing types include DC88, DC182, SW88, SW822, SW182, SW192 and the SW202. The changeover D.C. contactors available are SW84, SW181 and SW201.

In addition, our new RU and RW Series offer a lower cost alternative to our standard contactors.  The RU and RW series of contactors follow the existing design of our SW and SU series contactors, however the main contacts contain a reduced amount of silver.  The RU and RW series types suitable for use in AGVs are RU80, RU280, RW80, RW82, RW180, RW190 and RW200.




Emergency Disconnect and Combined Disconnect Switches for AGVs

SD200 Side By Side

Albright also offer a broad range of Emergency Disconnect and Combined Disconnect switches which can be ultilised in automatic guided vehicles (AGVs).  Our Emergency Disconnect switches provide a rapid means to disconnect the battery in the event of serious electrical faults. The Combined Disconnects comprises of the line contactor and emergency disconnect facility in one compact unit.







Custom Made Options Available

Albright Prototype PR100

As designers and manufacturers of D.C. Contactors and Emergency Disconnect Switches, if you cannot find a suitable option, we can offer bespoke solutions. Our custom made products can be a component part or a complete contactor. Albright will work with you, providing 3D CAD images and prototypes where needed and are able to perform testing in our in-house laboratory.  Thus you can be confident that a high quality, fit for purpose solution will be delivered for your specific AGV application or conditions.


Spare Parts for AGVs

Spares 3

For a number of our D.C. contactors in the SW80, SW180 and SW200 series, genuine spare parts are available.  These include complete service kits or individual spare contacts, top covers and coil assemblies.










Technical Support

Albright provide a Technical Support service for our customers. This includes assisting in selection of the correct product for the application, offering advice, answering enquiries and aiding in the resolution of any issues at any step in your purchase or beyond.  Our Technical Support Team are available via our technical email address or by phoning our local offices or distributors.