Materials Handling D.C. Contactor Solutions

Albright design and manufacture a wide range of D.C. contactors which are suitable for the Materials Handling Industry. Our contactors are used throughout the materials handling industry in a wide range of applications, from counterbalance forklift trucks, stackers, warehouse trucks to palette trucks. Our contactors are also used in power steering pumps, lift pumps, line contactors and for motor reversing.

Materials Handling (SW88,SW181 & SW200) D.C. Contactors

Our most popular contactors for Materials Handling are our single pole, single throw configurations SW80, SW180 and SW200 types. We also offer changeover types such as our SW84, SW181 and SW201 and motor reversing options such as the DC88, DC182 and SW202 types.

All these contactors are available from our SW80, SW180 and SW200 series.

Recently Albright have introduced the RW and RU range which are specifically targeted for the line contactor duty applications. These are a cost effective alternative to our main line contactors and comprise of a reduced silver content in the main contacts, reflecting the low switching duty that is expected of a line contactor application.

Materials Handling RW80 and ED300

Emergency Disconnect and Combined Disconnect Switches

As well as our contactors, we also design and manufacture a number of Emergency Disconnect devices, used to disconnect the battery in emergency situations. In addition, we offer a range of combined disconnect switches, pioneered by Albright, which combines the line contactor and emergency disconnect capability into a single unit.


Custom Made Options Availablesw802 fuse holder

Whilst we have an extensive range of products, if you cannot find a suitable option we offer bespoke solutions, ranging from a component part through to an enture contactor. Custom engineered to meet your requirements, we can provide prototypes and with testing conducted by our in-house laboratory you can be confident a fitting solution will be achieved for your particular application or conditions.

Spare Parts

A full range of genuine spare parts are available for a number of our D.C. contactors in the SW80, SW180 and SW200 series.  These include complete service kits or individual spare contacts, top covers and coil assemblies.

Technical Support

Our Technical Support team are available to provide recommendations and guidance to assist in choosing the correct contactor or Disconnect Switch for your application. In addition, our team can help resolve any issues and answer any questions which you may have before, during or after your purchase.  This service is available via our technical email address or by contacting our local offices or distributors.

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