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The SW85P has been designed for direct current loads, particularly motors as used on electric vehicles such as industrial trucks.  Developed for both interrupted and uninterrupted loads, the SW85P is suitable for switching Resistive, Capacitive and Inductive loads.

The SW85P features single pole double breaking main contacts with silver alloy tips, which are weld resistant, hard wearing and have excellent conductivity.  The SW85P features an enclosed top cover and offers environmental protection to IP66. The SW85P has M8 stud main terminals and 6.3mm spade coil connections.  Mounted using supplied brackets, mounting can be horizontal or vertical, when vertical the M8 contact studs should point downwards.  If the requirement is for upwards orientation we can adjust the contactor to compensate for this.

Please note normally closed contacts are not designed to make and break load.

SW85P Technical Information

InterruptedRating ( Ith )Uninterrupted
Thermal Current Rating - 100A
Intermittent Current Rating:
30% Duty - 185A
40% Duty - 160A
50% Duty - 140A
60% Duty - 130A
70% Duty - 120A
Rated Fault Current Breaking Capacity (Icn) 5ms Time Constant: (In accordance with UL583*)
Blowouts -
No Blowouts -
Rated Fault Current Breaking Capacity (Icn) Resistive Load: (In accordance with UL508*)
Blowouts 150A at 96V D.C.
No Blowouts 150A at 48V D.C.
Maximum Recommended Contact Voltages
Blowouts 96V 96V
No Blowouts 48V 48V
Typical Voltage Drop per pole across New Contacts at 100A 50mV

Mechanical Durability > 5,000,000 Cycles
Coil Voltage Available (Us) (Rectifier board required for A.C.) 6 - 240V

SW85P Features

Component Configurations
Coil Suppression
Coil Terminations

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